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America's Functional Medicine Clinic

Your Autoimmune Specialists

We are committed to finding the root cause of health challenges by treating the person rather than the disease

Expect to experience the pain relief for back pain, neck pain, headaches and many other chronic conditions that originate from the spine

Whether its simply walking and stretching or advanced sport-specific training and biomechanics, our team of experts are here to get you moving and keep improving

Our coaches will guide you down your path of lasting lifestyle modifications to fit your needs for maximize wellness

Offering personalized recommendations to target nutritional deficiencies that often cause chronic illnesses

We employ advanced diagnostic tools to reveal the underlying cause of your health challenges

Welcome to The Burlison Clinic

Your Authority In Functional Medicine

The Burlison Clinic is anything but conventional. We became America's Functional Medicine Clinic by treating the person rather than the disease. We are committed to finding the root cause of health challenges. Our Doctors pride themselves on personalized healing plans where doctor and patient work together towards personalized health goals. The Burlison Clinic shines bright with its comprehensive and thoughtful approach focused on meaningful, life-changing results. You won’t find The Burlison Clinic level of care and attention to detail in a conventional medical setting.

The cause of disease and illness is often overlooked and over complicated by traditional medical practice techniques. Functional Medicine is the process of providing your body with the essential nutritive components to heal itself, restore natural balance and ultimately thrive without chemical or prescription drug dependance.

The three steps to your renewed health are simple and sustainable, however, the change you are about to experience is monumental.

The first and most critical step of The Burlison Clinic Three Step Protocol is a complete reset of your body systems. This begins with a 30-day comprehensive full body detoxification. Although the Reset phase is not designed for weight loss, it is typical for patients to lose 10-15 pounds in the first few weeks. Patients are amazed at how much energy and vitality were missing from their life as they head into Phase 2, the Restoration stage that re-establishes balance among body systems.

In this stage the typical patient begins feeling better than they have in years! The restore stage allows for massive healing to occur throughout the body. We do this by focusing on the individual deficiencies within the patient and reestablish a healthy nutritional baseline. The primary focus is to fill in the nutritional deficiencies that has caused the body to struggle.

You’ve just completed a life changing detoxification and you’ve restored your body’s natural healing and defense system. You’ve lost weight and body toxins that you've been carrying around for way too long and you’re feeling better than ever! The last and arguably most important phase, is maintaining the level of vitality that you deserve. The Burlison Clinic's team of dedicated healthcare professionals is here to support and encourage you on your new path to ultimate health and longevity.  


CALL US: 847-680-9500